Artistically Speaking | Collaboration, Communication & Compromise

Learning Collaboration, Communication & Compromise with Art!

In the art pavilion, we love collaborative projects in which children work together! Some of our favorite ways to do this are creating a mural or combining individual components to make a more significant piece. Through these exercises, a child’s ability to communicate, plan and compromise with others grows, building essential skills during these preschool years. With this in mind, we continue to design projects in which children can collaborate at the moment, respond to each other’s work and develop reactions!

Even before the project begins, children are getting used to making decisions! For the project you see above, the group started by looking for potential materials in the art pavilion. Next, the class settled on covering a frame in plastic wrap to create a transparent “canvas.” After that, we invited the artists to apply paint using brushes or their fingers. With artists working on both sides simultaneously, the painting was in constant flux. As one child would apply blue using their hands, another might be simultaneously applying red on the other side using a brush, thereby changing the appearance of the original mark. As they painted, the artists moved from one side to the other adding paint and mixing colors while observing how the piece changed as they worked together. The result is a beautiful sun catcher that we will display under the skylight in the ECE.