Now, more than ever, it’s critical to stay connected. During these unprecedented times, we need to exercise to help us stay strong and healthy—physically and mentally. Join our AJCC community participants in your favorite form of exercise. Whether you’re into cycling, running, walking, swimming, or something else, you’ll have a chance to exercise, have fun, and raise money for Chazak! Be Strong! Annual Appeal at the same time.


Raise funds to support all programs at the J and stay connected to other swimmers, riders, walkers, or runners by joining our Chazak! Fitness Challenge family. Through social media or your strava.com account (sign up starting FEB 1), you can share information on your fitness and fundraising achievements along with photos and videos by emailing us and posting on our social media or to our Strava groups! Remember to tag the Chazak! Fitness Challenge! #ChazakFitnessChallenge


Whether you want to walk 10 miles over the course of a week or bike 36 miles in one day – this event has something for everyone! Choose between walking, running, swimming, and or biking outdoors or indoors- simply register your activity using your fitness gear or an app like Strava.


Starting on FEB 1st you can make a user account on strava.com and then choose a club to join based on your choice of movement! Whether you walk, run, bike or swim – there’s a club for you! When you register, you will be sent an email with links to join our Chazak! Fitness Challenge clubs on Strava starting FEB 1. YOU CAN ONLY JOIN A CLUB AFTER YOU SET UP A STRAVA ACCOUNT. You can find more info on how to use Strava HERE.


In the meantime, invite your friends and family to support your campaign for the Chazak! Fitness Challenge! They can donate or sponsor HERE or at alpertjcc.org/chazak-challenge-donate/. Feel free to share the link so others can join in the challenge, even if they don’t want to track miles! Your contribution and support will help us provide the necessary services to all our members and support them through these uncertain times.


Every great challenge needs great motivation. To help you stay active, badges are earned in Strava based on your achievements. A variety of special Chazak! Fitness Challenge badges can be obtained by meeting specific requirements throughout the month-long experience.


What is Strava and how we are going to use it? 

Strava is a social-fitness application (for phone and web), used primarily to track cycling and running exercises using GPS. The basic version is free of charge. Bike, run, walk, or swim the required distance at any point during the given time window at a location of your choosing, outdoors or indoors. Instead of showing up to an actual event, you’ll be given a window to complete the distance on your own terms and then upload your results to Strava

COMMUNITY is at the heart of the Strava experience, so we decided to set up a dedicated Clubs for CHAZAK fitness challenge Participants! We will use it for sharing our efforts, photos with friends, and sometimes to add a little bit of a competitive challenge! 

If you are an advanced user, you can track your progress & analyze your performance on your iPhone, Apple Watch, or pretty much any device with GPS out there! Use your Garmin, FitBit, or Polar, and sync data from any of the fitness apps available on the market.

Signing into Strava on www.strava.com or in the App

General information about the Apps 

If you decide to take up the CHAZAK fitness challenge outdoors, you can track and record your route directly in the Strava App on your phone (links for download below). To record your activity via the Strava App you need to turn on the internet and location data, then start a run or ride. 

    1. Android download
    2. iOS download

The interface of the App 

    • news feed with navigation panels: see your and activity in the clubs
    • all account and profile settings are available under the “Profile” tab
    • outdoor activities entry under the “Record” tab
    • If you performed your activity stationary (like on a treadmill), add it to Strava manually by pushing the orange “+” button on the news feed page, then “Manual activity”
    • record your outdoor activity (middle button “record”)
    • after you are done add description, photos and publish your activity (remember: in the privacy setting who can see the post set “Everyone”)


As we introduced, Strava is a social medium for athletes, that’s why the dashboard of your account in the browser resembles those of Facebook’s, LinkedIn, etc. Navigating through different sections is rather intuitive. 


    • Navigation panel
    • News feed
    • User info
    • User’s Clubs 

Edit your profile and access settings 

To edit your profile go over your profile picture in the top right corner of the Strava window and select Settings from the dropdown menu →→ 

←← a panel will appear on the left side to navigate through all the account options. You can set your preferences, upload a profile photo, and adjust your privacy and notifications settings. 

Before you start using the platform we recommend adjusting all settings at your convenience. 

Follow other athletes 

Follow other Strava athletes: You can search for friends or connect your email or Facebook accounts to discover your contacts on Strava. Once you follow another athlete, or when your request to follow is approved, their activities will appear in your activity feed alongside your own. You can interact with your friends by giving kudos and leaving comments. 

Sync services and social media: Connect to social media sites, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Google. Enabling a connection allows you to share your activities outside of Strava. 


Clubs are pages that show recent rides and runs of their members and allow discussions between members. We have created dedicated and exclusive Clubs for CHAZAK FITNESS CHALLENGE.

The Recent Activity section shows an activity feed for club members’ activities corresponding to the club’s sport, so we can follow each other’s effort, leave motivating comments, and add kudos with love for the support!

We encourage everyone to stay engaged even after finishing their own challenge. All Clubs feature a leaderboard displaying the top athletes for the current week. Sounds like a competition? CHAZAK FITNESS CHALLENGE is not a race but why not add some spice to its Virtual component?

 Below are links to CHAZAK FITNESS CHALLENGE Clubs, each one dedicated to a different type of activity: 

Just send the request to join by clicking on the link, you will be admitted to the group by the Admin. 

Please be advised to follow the general rules of mutual respect and fair play while commenting on other participant’s performances etc. Use postings section to affirm positive experiences and contents.

In addition to creating your own posts on Club’s dashboard, you can comment on other’s posts and add them “kudos” (something similar to “likes” on other social media). Feel free to use them to motivate and appreciate other participant’s logs.

Connecting fitness trackers to Strava 

  • Strava offers a variety of compatible types of equipment and to check if your tracker is supported visit the “Upload Activity” tab available under the “+” icon on the navigation panel of your Strava dashboard. If you use a watch or cycling computer to record your activities, you may be able to connect with a third party software or website, such as Garmin Connect to automatically upload future activities to Strava.
  • If your device is listed here, then you can follow the dedicated manual explaining how to set up the connection and automatically download data to Strava.


If you have any questions or problems regarding Strava please email us: ebennett@alpertjcc.org