We are excited to open enrollment for Kids University! We are looking forward to an exciting school year filled with lots of fun, friendship, and laughter! The KU program will begin on September 20th.


For the upcoming school year, we will be enrolling students in grades K-5th. Please note that completing this application does not guarantee that our busses will be going to your child’s school. Once all applications have been received we will build our bus route and communicate with you regarding which schools our buses will pick up at.


You can find the link to register here for the 2021/2022 School Year! We are looking forward to a great year ahead!

We will continue offering a variety of enrichment activities every day from 4 pm-5 pm! Chugim (Choices in Hebrew) last approximately 2 months and give us the necessary time to take a deep dive into topics we would never be able to cover in an hour! Projects such as building birdhouses, theater performances, video game projects would not be possible without meeting regularly. Our chugim switch every day and give your child the opportunity to explore interests they may have never heard of or had the chance to try! All Chugim will be included in the cost of your tuition.


We thank you for taking this journey with us.  Your children, their wellbeing, and their educational foundation will always be our top priorities.  We look forward to another year together!

Start Date: September 20, 2021
Time: Whenever the kids arrive – 6 pm
For students in grades Kindergarten – 5th grade

Available to Members ONLY

Q: What schools do you service?

A: It is difficult for us to give a concrete list at this time, however, we service most LBUSD schools. We do prioritize current families’ schools so we can often let you know if we are already picking up at your child’s school. The best way to make sure your child is eligible for transportation is by registering/contacting us ASAP as we prioritize early registrations for new families. Bus space is limited.


Q: Do you pick up AM and PM Kindergarten classes?

A: We typically only pick up AM Kindergarten classes as PM Kindergarten creates logistical conflicts with first- fifth-grade dismissal.


Q: Are enrichment classes extra?

A: Absolutely not! They are included in the cost. Enrichment classes run from 4 PM-5 PM. Classes change every 2 months and occur once a week. You and your child would select a class for every day of the week.


Q: How are groups set up?

A: Groups and enrichment classes are split into two groups. The younger group consists of Kindergarten and First grade while the older group is Second through fifth grade. 

Applications will be given priority based on the following tiers:

  • Current and previous KU, Camp, and ECE families who are members will receive the highest priority for registration.
  • If the event capacity is reached solely on this tier, priority will be given based on the AJCC Membership date.