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The Alpert Jewish Community Center of Long Beach has been committed to providing a place where the entire community comes together. In addition to membership dues, we rely on the generosity of donors and volunteers to help pay the costs of our award-winning programs and services.

For over 72 years, the Alpert JCC has brought families, children and seniors together to learn, share, and grow in a safe, inclusive and welcoming environment that strengthens this vibrant community that we share.


As a proudly Jewish organization, the Alpert JCC enthusiastically welcomes and reaches out to people of all ages, races, faiths and backgrounds while embracing Jewish values like learning, self-improvement and wellness, the importance of family, the joy of life, and giving back to our wonderfully diverse community, both locally and around the world.


Your support is especially meaningful during this unprecedented and incredibly challenging time. Here at the Alpert JCC we are doing everything we can to keep our community together even though over 50% of our membership was put on hold. When the pandemic hit, our staff quickly sprung into action— developing remote fitness and Jewish cultural classes, delivering meals to our senior community members, offering a listening ear, and providing essential childcare and children’s educational services—these are just a few examples. We could not do this without you.




On November 2, 2019, the Alpert JCC threw a fundraiser honoring my mom and my whole family. The Gala was a gorgeous, ‘bedazzling’ evening of song, speeches, and sumptuous food, lovingly produced by Kristina Shafton– one of my mom’s ‘other daughters’–  along with an amazing Gala Committee.

Mom had been weak and sick for much of the month leading up to the event, but that night she arrived in a wheelchair decorated with fairy lights, looking resplendent in her purple dress, false eyelashes, and a huge smile. She loved the party –all that entertainment and attention!  And she loved being surrounded by her entire family and hundreds of friends. Mom even said, “I’m very happy with this affair” during her thank-you speech, which is not a phrase that rolled off her tongue easily.


Two days later, my mom couldn’t keep her hands from shaking, and two weeks later, she was taken to the emergency room with a very serious infection. She almost made it home but passed on November 24, two weeks short of her 89th birthday.


How fitting that the November 2nd Gala was the last time my mom ever left home because the Alpert JCC was also her home.


My family talks about her good timing,  passing away before Covid shut everyone out and everything down. Mom would have hated staying home, away from her AJCC home. She loved the warmth there, the happy children, and the Singing Circle led by Frank Mcilquhamy (who made her feel like a celebrity). She attended many Film Festivals (coming soon) and lectures, gym classes, holiday celebrations, and senior lunches. She served on several Boards, always pushing for organizations to do better. As former Federation president, Matt Davis wrote me:  “She just had a ‘CAN DO’ attitude.”


I am proud of the AJCC’s response to Covid and all its free offerings to the community, but they do not pay the bills.  So, here is something YOU CAN DO to honor my mom and your other favorite elders during this giving-thanks season:


Please DO make a donation to support the AJCC’s wonderful programs, but more importantly, please DO pledge to show up at the AJCC when the pandemic is over! Come to the Center, stay for the community, and make it your second home. I’m sure my mom will smile her “bedazzled” smile down at you. 


Thank you. 


Nancy Alpert



The Alpert JCC’s Chai Society consolidates donor giving into a one-time integrated ask with the choice of a multi-year commitment. Donors are able to designate their gift to the programs and areas of their choice. These contributions reach all corners of our center. Please consider joining the Chai Society and enjoy special benefits and privileges.

For more information contact our Executive Director, Deborah Goldfarb at (562) 426-7601 Ext. 1011 or by email at dgoldfarb@alpertjcc.org


Raise funds to support all programs at the J and stay connected to other swimmers, riders, walkers, or runners by joining our Chazak! Fitness Challenge family.

Honor a Friend or Family Member

Tribute and memorial contributions are a meaningful way to celebrate, honor or memorialize friends and family by making gifts in their name. Gifts may be designated to a particular fund or area at the Alpert JCC or you can designate that your gift be used where the need is greatest. Your gift will be acknowledged by a letter to the individual or family expressing your sentiment and announcing your gift in their honor.

Create a Legacy

There are many ways to leave a legacy, and for those who would like their legacy to include a long-term gift to the Alpert JCC, there are three options to consider — planned giving, endowments and non-traditional gifts.

Planned gifts are designed to fit within a donor’s comprehensive estate plans, fulfilling the donor’s philanthropic goals, reducing income taxes, avoiding capital gains or estate taxes, and retaining lifetime income if desired, all while helping to guarantee the Alpert JCC’s future financial support. Common forms of planned giving include bequests and charitable gift annuities.

A non-profit’s endowments represent its permanently held capital. Depending upon the guidelines established for each particular endowment, income and/or principal from the endowment can be used to support the Alpert JCC’s work. Endowments provide a secure source of long-term support.

Non-traditional gifts to the Alpert JCC could include gifts of personal property, life insurance policies, retirement plans, real estate and appreciated stocks.


For more information about donating to the Alpert JCC please contact Susan Paletz at (562) 426-7601 Ext. 1012 or by email at spaletz@alpertjcc.org for more information.

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