Enrichment Classes

We offer a variety of classes that stretch beyond the standard preschool program

Enroll your child in additional learning classes called Chugim

Our Language Arts class goal is to help with the retention of basic language skills through games & fun experiences. This class is not designed to be strictly academic. There will be 6-8 children in each group and each session will run up to 30 minutes. Skills taught in this class will include; sound identification, blending word sounds without stopping and much more!


For more information visit the ECE front desk or call (562) 426-7601 x1090

Our Art class offered to children that are  Between their 4th and 5th birthdays. Children at this age are active, enjoy more group activities and have better muscle control. Children will gleefully create their own masterpieces using a wide range of quality art materials. Children will develop skills important for school success such as fine motor skills, language, cognitive skills and the ability to listen and follow the directions in our enchanting environment!


For more information visit the ECE front desk or call (562) 426-7601 x1090

Playsports is a sports and physical education program for children ages 2 to 11.
The goal of every activity is to have fun. If a child loves having fun, in time they will love playing. And for some, it will eventually turn into a passion. 16 years of coaching experience has taught us that children who are introduced to sports early find it much easier to fit in socially once they reach elementary school because they have the confidence to join playground activities. Active children consistently do better physically, mentally and emotionally than other children as they age.

Through creative movement, dance, gymnastics, cheer and yoga, WEBBY Dance Company provides children the opportunity to build self-confidence, creativity, and coordination. WEBBY classes are conveniently held on-site each week at your child’s school. Enroll today and come join the fun!