Note From Director

A Note From the Director

Welcome to the Alpert JCC-ECE! As a community, we are excited that your family has chosen to join us!


As parents, searching for preschool can be an extremely difficult and often an overwhelming process. We understand that finding a preschool that meets your child’s needs, and a provider with whom you feel comfortable entrusting your child, might be stressful.


We hope from the moment you see our facility and meet our team, that you feel at home.  Our school community is a place where every child, every family, and every educator is a part of who we are.


At the Alpert JCC – ECE, we build a love of learning and a sense of community that will serve your children for a lifetime.  From the youngest toddlers to the oldest Pre-K students, we encourage independent thinking and decision-making that prepares our little graduates to be responsible leaders when they leave our doors.

The development of the whole child is of the utmost importance to us. We begin this development with relationships. Our teachers’ top priority is to establish a trusting and collaborative bond with both the students and parents in their class. Through creating a connection based on mutual respect and open communication, our teachers and parents are able to share observations and information about what is happening in the classroom and at home. This ongoing, two-way exchange creates a home-to-school partnership that achieves the best possible results for your child.


Again, we say welcome.  Please know that we take being part of your family’s early childhood education as a very serious responsibility.  We just have a lot of fun doing it.


Hope to see you and your family soon.


– Emily Gould