A Note From the Director, Emily Gould

Preschool is the first major decision we make for our children, and it can be a difficult one. How can we balance our desire for children to learn about Judaism with our passion for teaching about the world at large? Some of us fear that we are not Jewish enough to choose a Jewish preschool. Yet, the Torah has no such qualms. Early childhood is a great time to expose our children to Jewish education. The results can stay with your child throughout their life and produce very positive feelings toward their heritage. Our preschool voted the best in Long Beach will help your child develop a love for lifelong learning, and our teaching faculty will help prepare your child for the best kindergartens in Long Beach! The Alpert JCC-ECE provides a smooth transition for children from home to school, where children can learn to relate to the broader world around them. Our goal is to build a strong foundation for lifelong learning! Our curriculum barrows from the richness of Judaic tradition and values and is heavily inspired by the theories and philosophies of the schools of Reggio Emilia, Italy. In our small classes, children develop research, inquiry, and critical thinking skills. Our programs are based on current research in brain development and cutting-edge child development theory.

Here are five reasons to consider why Jewish preschool is such a good choice for your child, backed up by 3,300 years of Jewish tradition and modern research.


1) Early Impressions count
The Jewish experiences we give to our children when they are young, such as singing Jewish songs or speaking to them about the holidays, are what they will associate with home and warmth. If we want our kids to feel that Jewish rituals are familiar and enjoyable, preschool is the time to start sharing them.


2) The “Thirty Million Word Gap.”
A famous study showed how being exposed to more and different words as a child gives those children an advantage in their future academics. When the children learn Hebrew songs, holidays, and prayers, they are exposed to different words they may not have had the privilege of listening to in a different school setting.


3) Clay Candlesticks and Lumpy Challah
When children bring home these commonplace objects in Jewish rituals, it often inspires the parents to participate in traditions and practices they may have otherwise missed. Join us in lighting the Shabbat candles or saying a blessing over the Challah!


4) Find a Good Friend
Preschool is much more than the hours spent in the classroom. When your child is making friendships in school, so are you. Getting to know other families interested in giving their child a Jewish education and who may have some of the same struggles help shape us and give us resources as we continue to grow and evolve.


5)Did You Know? Being familiar with family history was the single most significant predictor of emotional health and happiness?
Jewish preschools give all their children a clear sense of their history and identity in the world, no matter their religious background. It helps them understand that they are not alone but part of a larger community, which has overcome adversity and celebrates life. Answering the Did You Know question might be one of the greatest gifts we can give to help navigate their way.


We look forward to a future partnership with you!