Over 50 Years of Caring for Children in Long Beach

Parents in Long Beach and surrounding area have entrusted their children to our professional Early Childhood Education staff.  Licensed by the State of California Department of Social Services, our preschool has been acclaimed by Early Childhood Education professionals as the finest preschool program in our community.

Following the Sheva Early Learning Framework

Sheva is the number 7 in Hebrew, and there are 7 core elements that guide our early childhood practice in creating a stimulating environment that will help your child thrive. Our learning is steeped in Jewish culture and values.  We enjoy Shabbat each Friday, celebrate Jewish holidays, and flavor our lessons with Jewish songs, stories and special foods. However, our ECE is open to all families and promotes sharing, curiosity and acceptance to all cultures and religions.

Developing the Whole Child

We focus on creating a safe and nurturing environment that offers opportunities to explore and discover; a place where children learn to care about and cooperate with others, as well as play independently.