Reopening the ECE

Safely Welcoming You Back To The J

Creating a safe and healthy environment for your children and our staff is our highest priority. In accordance with governmental orders and guidelines, we are taking extra precautions to help our community stay safe and healthy. In addition, we are asking you – our parents – to partner with us by adhering to health guidelines, have open & honest communication, and patience with us.


Health & Safety

Transparency and consistent communication is essential to our process. Every agency and employer balances respect for the employee and member confidentiality and privacy. Staff, parents, and members will be promptly notified of any critical incidences, significant exposures, or need to quarantine. What will the procedure be if a student/member or staff tests positive? If there is a confirmed case of COVID-19 at the AJCC, management staff will follow the guidance from the local health department, CDC, and our Medical Advisory Team guidance.

Our Medical Advisory Team, composed of family physicians, pediatricians, a pediatric infectious disease specialist, and a school nurse, meets regularly to review all procedures and cases, and to make recommendations regarding COVID – 19. We consult public health officials when necessary. Public health authorities would provide guidance or direction on any mandate to temporarily close our facility in the event of a clustered outbreak.

We are unable to guarantee that your child or our members will not be exposed to Covid-19 or that the JCC is 100% safe. Given the community-wide spread of the virus, exposure in any public or group setting is a distinct possibility. Our goal is to follow the recommendations of the CDC and local leaders to create protocols and procedures to minimize risk.

Teachers in the same age group do have small windows of time that they cross over. Teachers who are in separate age groups do not cross over as each age group has its own entrance and exit from the center. The health and safety guidelines in place allow us to minimize the risk of significant contact.

Each day families are required to fill out documentation prior to arrival. There are a series of questions that determine if a family can come into the center and school that day. The survey then gives the family a pass or fail. If the family does not pass, they are not admitted to the school. Any student or family on quarantine would not be permitted to return until the completion of the quarantine period.

They are asked to remain home for the quarantine period.

There, of course, is always a risk. Health and safety guidelines are designed to help contain the spread and allow us to quarantine significant contacts. Living in a community where there is a high rate of infection and spread, it can be challenging to keep the outside world outside. Our procedures try to minimize contact risk and spread.

As soon as we are notified, we ask that they remain at their place of quarantine.

People who have COVID – 19 symptoms are asked to isolate for 10 days. People who have been exposed to individuals who have tested positive for COVID – 19 are asked to quarantine for a 10-14 day period. There are evolving recommendations regarding the length of time that an individual remains in quarantine. The Medical Advisory Team and local health authorities help establish applicable guidelines.

N95 use exceeds the ability of the AJCC’s training, capability, and resources. Not only are N95 masks recommended for healthcare workers who have direct, intensive care with known COVID-19 patients, but these masks are also in short supply. The use of N95 masks requires specialized training; they require a fit test on an (at least) annual basis. This device has limited availability, and it is not currently recommended for school/preschool use.

Routine testing of asymptomatic workers is not currently recommended in our setting nor feasible. We do not have internal testing capabilities. The results of a test show only one point in time and do not predict if the person is infectious the next day. 


Our procedures that are in-place markedly reduce the risk of transmission, promote a clean and sanitary environment, and immediately isolate any symptomatic or infected individual from further contact with students, staff, and members.

Anyone with immune compromise should consider a consultation with their own healthcare provider before attending AJCC programs.

Please keep us posted, and notify us promptly. This will help with our planning and tracking of potential exposures. All of us communicating as much as possible will help.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Pre K children that are moving into the summer Gan Hamaish group will remain with their same friends & teachers for that whole period of time. However, they will not be with their teacher from March.

Yes children in the 9-2:30 group will have the option to rest. Children will finish up lunch and transition onto their cots around 12:30 during the summer. We will have to be creative and work with families as children wake up from nap.

For children 3 and older groups sizes are capped at 10 for now.  For children 2-3 our program has made the decision to cap group sizes at 5 for now. There has been no direction from the government officials at this time that, that number will change over the course of summer. That said things change day to day.

We of course want children and families to be the most comfortable! We do know that it takes small children up to a month to settle into their new “normal” . Our staff will work in partnership with your family and child to welcome your child back with all the love and support we can. If your family is truly feeling like being back at school too soon will work with families and a case by case basis to withdraw from the program.

No, all families have the option to pay in full. However, you also have the option to pay month to month. If you need to adjust what your family selected please contact Rachel at rgordon@alpertjcc.org and she will make the proper adjustments to your account.

We will not make any decisions about classroom placement until we have a completed registration form for your child(ren) . Our process for placing children is in partnership with their previous teacher. Your child(ren) teacher from PRE COVID will weigh in on what classroom and peer group they see to be the best fit for your child(ren) in the next school year.

When your family’s application has been processed , you will receive a letter with all the details about classroom placement and ZOOM meeting with your new teacher.

No, every age group will have their own entrance and exit from the ECE. All children will enter and exit through the front door of the J.

Twos– Promenade & Lobby

Preschool – Promenade & Playground entrance to their direct classrooms

Pre K – Promenade & hallway entrance to room 11 & 12

Gan Hamaish- Promenade, Auditorium & direct entrance to room 13