Our community had a lot to celebrate on June 4th, 2021 as we welcomed a parade of beautifully decorated cars through our parking lot. In each car sat an accomplished scholar, as we celebrated the graduation of 33 preschoolers and 20 kindergarteners from our Early Childhood Education & Gan Hamaish programs, respectively.


Some students were honored with year-end awards such as “Best Handwriting” and “All-Star Author,” to commemorate everything they learned during their time in the program.


The celebration included a gift basket for each student with summery shirts, beach towels, and celebratory yard signs. A drive-thru photo booth captured precious memories as the young graduates waved out the windows with their proud families.


“We cannot believe your children are headed off to Kindergarten & First Grade!” said ECE Director Emily Gould, “It wasn’t that long ago we honestly thought that we would be closed for a couple of weeks, and then be back to “normal”. Here we are…one year later.”


Like many of us, Emily turned to music for inspiration throughout the tumultuous challenges of the last year. “As the song in the musical Rent asks, “How do you measure a year in a life? How do you measure? Measure a year?”


“In some ways, we measured this year and those minutes like any other, in daybreaks and sunsets and cups of coffee but also…
In drive-bys and zoom calls.
In trust and encouragement.
In distance and isolation.
In pivots and innovations.
In smiling eyes and masks.
In tears and fear of the unknown.
In acts of courage and in hope.
But always, and most especially, in love.”


“All of YOU were right there with the US every step of the way,” Emily reminds us. “It took a lot of courage for our staff to decide to teach during the pandemic. We also know that it took a lot of courage for you all to send your children to us this year – many of you sight unseen, never even stepping into the school. For that we will be forever grateful!”