Group Fitness


From Spinning and Kick-Boxing to Zumba and Pilates, the Alpert JCC has nearly 50 group fitness classes each week! We do Dance Fitness, Yoga, Core Power and Low Impact/Strength Training. We also offer Silver Sneaker® classes, which are specially designed exercises for our senior community.


Our group fitness classes are open to Members 13 years old and up only! Just another perk of being an Alpert JCC Member.


A low-impact class set to music in our heated pool. All fitness levels welcome!

Silver Sneakers® Classic

Have fun moving to the music through a variety of exercises for muscular strength and movement range. Elastic tubing with handles, hand-held weights, and a ball are offered. Chairs used for support.


Silver Sneakers® Circuit

Increase muscular and cardiovascular endurance with a standing circuit workout. Upper body strength using elastic tubing with handles, hand-held weights, and a ball are alternated with low-impact aerobics. A chair is offered for support.

Core, strength, and flexibility. A class suitable for all levels of fitness.

A challenging, fun class that focuses on increasing 3 important components of the body.

Blend yoga and pilates to increase core strength and flexibility.


Burn fat, increase energy, and boost metabolism levels in this challenging fusion of cardio, strength, agility, and core moves that engage your entire body. We use timed, high intensity intervals with active recovery periods.

Get your whole body moving with 30 minute weight and cardio circuit training focused on proper form, developing muscles that matter for strength, flexibility, and everyday function, and reducing your potential for injury.

Cardio kickboxing with a variety of impact levels resulting in a high-intensity workout.

Experience a challenging, exhilarating workout. Knowledgeable, certified spinning instructors—the core of spinning—ensure the riders enjoy the journey. *Spin classes start precisely at their listed start time. Please plan to arrive early to class for bike setup.

Spinning for 30 minutes, and calisthenics for 20. Come get a full body workout!


In Order of Difficulty

Move your whole body through a series of seated and standing yoga postures designed to increase flexibility, balance, and movement range. Breathing exercises and closing meditation promote stress relief and mental clarity.

This low-impact, Senior-friendly class builds strength, mobility, and balance in the entire body, mind, and energy systems of the body.

Designed to accommodate all levels of mobility. Seniors welcome!

Reduce stress and promote relaxation as we focus on our body, mind and breathing in this slow flow practice

A beginner-level class focused on learning pose alignment. Occasionally moves up from and down to the floor.

Hold postures longer and move faster through transitions in this class designed to build strength and flexibility while adding the benefits of a low-impact cardio workout and stress-relieving meditation.


Latin dance styles to help tone and sculpt the body.

This rhythmic, Latin-flavored experience will help you tone, sculpt, and invigorate your life!

Less intense than a traditional Zumba® class. We use the same music but with choreography designed for older, active adults 50+, people with health difficulties, or those recuperating from injury or surgery.

Classes are approximately 50 minutes long unless noted on schedule brochure. To minimize disruptions and for everyone’s safety, please arrive on time as there will be no entry to the classroom 10 minutes after scheduled class start time.

  • Sign-in for classes and pick up your participation ticket at the Courtesy Desk. Ticket must be taken to instructor to permit entry.