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Even with social distancing in order, the Alpert Jewish Community Center continues to be a Jewish neighborhood and gathering place that is the heart of Jewish learning and activities, designed to improve its members’ lives in conjunction with their family, synagogue, local organizations, and the general community.


We’ve gathered Jewish virtual resources for your education and entertainment! We’ll make sure we have you covered for those virtual holidays coming up. Keep checking in for new updates.

Virtual Jewish Life Resources

As we all try to navigate through these unknown times, we want our community to stay connected with their Jewish Life. Please use these virtual resources for educational or entertainment purposes. Check back as we will continue to add to this list. 


Online Resources All About Israel


  • Stand with Us Website HERE
  • 70 Years of Innovation: Milestones in Israeli History | 21See
    This video, created for Israel’s 70th anniversary, is a vibrant video timeline to watch and share in celebration of the upcoming Yom Ha’atzmaut – Israel Independence Day. Use it as a conversation starter around what surprised you, what were you proud of, what questions do you hold, and what are your hopes for Israel in the upcoming year.
  • Facts You Probably Don’t Know About Israel | Gil Roeh-Zed Films
    A 6-min entertaining video sharing all sorts of facts about Israel. Developed for Israel’s 68th independence, it is very relevant for today. Can be used as an introduction or trigger; what did you already know, what is something new you learned, what would you want to learn more about?
  • The Israel Science and Technology HERE

Israeli Newspapers:


  • The best of Israel HERE & HERE
  • How to Make Hummus in a Bag HERE
  • Western Wall Live Stream HERE

Articles about Israeli Innovative Responses to Covid-19

Make Challah for Shabbat! Enjoy these resources to show you how...

Facebook LIVE Pre-Shabbat Singing

Every Friday at 3:30 pm


Join Dana Schneider-Chanzit, the AJCC Jewish Life & Culture Director as she welcomes the weekend and offers a respite from the hectic pace of the rest of the week.

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We are always checking in with you on social media to keep our community together during this strange time. It’s your place to let us know what you’d like to see or just check in with the staff to ask questions or offer words of encouragement.  Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay Connected!

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