Other Ways to Donate

Join the Chai Society

The Alpert JCC’s Chai Society consolidates donor giving into a one-time integrated ask with the choice of a multi-year commitment. Donors are able to designate their gift to the programs and areas of their choice. These contributions reach all corners of our center. Please consider joining the Chai Society and enjoy special benefits and privileges.

For more information contact Susan Paletz at (562) 426-7601 Ext. 1012 or by email at spaletz@alpertjcc.org

Amy & Rich Lipeles

Anna Salusky

Andrea & Don Kaiser

Ava & Howard Weiss

Barbara Lieberman Jones & Doug Jones

Barry Borkin

Bernadette & Steven Meltzer

Beth & Scott Sterling 

David Tillman & Karen Zoller

Deborah Lewis & Michael Rosen 

Edie & Joel Brodsky

Erin & David Cherson

Genevieve & Kevin Murphy

Jessie Butler

Joyce & Hank Feldman

Joyce & Mike Greenspan

Judi & Gordon Lentzner

Karen & Eli Ben-Shmuel 

Kathy & Alan Kreida

Laurie & Robert Raykoff

Lea & Dennis Gerber

Leslie & Aaron Kern

Linda & Sanford Simmons

Lisa & Jeff Bermundo

Lisa Raufman Natelson & Bernard Natelson 

Lynne & Jonthan Kass

Matt Davis & Mark Dressner

Melissa & Scott Newman

Nancy & Jim Linden

Nicole & Dan Honigman 

Norman & Susanne Milkes

Richard Wolpow

Rick & Arlene Freeman

Rita & Barry Zamost

Ronald & Marilyn Bates

Rosecarrie & Alan Brooks

Seth & Sara Linen

Shelley & Tom Carl 

Shirley Ross

Susan & Murray Taubman

Susan Stuhlbarg

Vicki & Todd Scherwin

Wendy Manasse Wiese & David Wiese

Donate Your Vehicle

We are signed up with a company to handle car donations for us – CARS (Charitable Auto Resources Inc.). Interested donors located anywhere in the US can either call a line set up directly for us [(877) JCC-5040 / (877) 522-5040] or click on our personalized link below!

Honor a Friend or Family Member

Tribute and memorial contributions are a meaningful way to celebrate, honor or memorialize friends and family by making gifts in their name. Gifts may be designated to a particular fund or area at the Alpert JCC or you can designate that your gift be used where the need is greatest.


Your gift will be acknowledged by a letter to the individual or family expressing your sentiment and announcing your gift in their honor.

Create a Legacy

There are many ways to leave a legacy, and for those who would like their legacy to include a long-term gift to the Alpert JCC, there are three options to consider — planned giving, endowments and non-traditional gifts.

Planned gifts are designed to fit within a donor’s comprehensive estate plans, fulfilling the donor’s philanthropic goals, reducing income taxes, avoiding capital gains or estate taxes, and retaining lifetime income if desired, all while helping to guarantee the Alpert JCC’s future financial support. Common forms of planned giving include bequests and charitable gift annuities.

A non-profit’s endowments represent its permanently held capital. Depending upon the guidelines established for each particular endowment, income and/or principal from the endowment can be used to support the Alpert JCC’s work. Endowments provide a secure source of long-term support.

Non-traditional gifts to the Alpert JCC could include gifts of personal property, life insurance policies, retirement plans, real estate and appreciated stocks.

For more information contact Susan Paletz at (562) 426-7601 Ext. 1012 or by email at spaletz@alpertjcc.org